Why ACCC/AVCA Certification is Desirable

Certification is a voluntary process by which a non-government entity grants a time-limited recognition and use of a credential to an individual after verifying that he/she has met predetermined and standardized criteria. Certification is distinct from licensure in that it is voluntary and requires recertification to maintain the credential. A professional certification is different from a curriculum certificate program.

Earning certification from the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association ACCC represents a significant professional achievement. ACCC/AVCA Certification makes an important statement about professional competence that is recognized by the profession, the public and some regulatory bodies.

  • AVCA is the primary national credential for this field in North America (est. 1989)
  • Certification was developed based upon input and oversight from both professions
  • ACCC has embarked upon a program of continuous improvement for the certification program
  • ACCC/AVCA Certification establishes and promotes professional accountability and visibility
  • ACCC/AVCA Certificants are the first choice of clients looking for a qualified doctor
  • ACCC/AVCA Certified Doctors receive more referrals from their clients
  • ACCC/AVCA promotes the highest standards of competence and safety in animal chiropractic care for the protection and benefit of the patient as well as the public
  • Certification encourages continued professional growth and development
  • Certification must be maintained through regular continuing education
  • Certified Doctors may call themselves “certified in animal chiropractic by the Animal Chiropractic Certification Commission (ACCC) of the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association (AVCA)”
  • AVCA Certified Doctors are required to practice within the laws and regulations of their state/provincial licensure boards
  • ACCC/AVCA Certification increases referrals by identifying those professionals who have met specific standards of knowledge and experience
  • AVCA Certified Doctors can be listed in the ACCC’s Directory of Certified Doctors online referral information which has come to be recognized and published as a valuable resource for consumers and other professionals to find certified practitioners

AVCA Position Statement – Non-Reciprocity

The American Veterinary Chiropractic Association (AVCA) does not have a reciprocity agreement with any other certification program.

For more information please review Institute for Credentialing Excellence (ICE) formerly NOCA, Initiates National Standards Project for Assessment Based Certificate Programs