AVCA Approved Postgraduate Basic Animal Chiropractic Program Providers

An animal chiropractic program may seek approval from the AVCA Education Committee. The purpose of the Committee is to develop approval criteria for animal chiropractic programs. Such approval to be used to determine eligibility of program graduates for AVCA certification and for advising regulatory/licensure bodies regarding acceptable animal chiropractic training programs.

AVCA Basic Animal Chiropractic Program Provider Requirements

  • The institution agrees upon application that it will abide by AVCA requirements for approval and the applicable policies and procedures.
  • The institution agrees to support the goals and integrity of the AVCA.
  • To provide accurate and truthful information in all diplomas, advertising, catalogs and promotional materials describing educational programs/services offered by them. These documents must not contain false, misleading or exaggerated claims or statements.
  • The institution must comply with all applicable local, state or provincial licensing requirements.
  • Each basic program is required to provide a minimum of 210 certified hours.
  • To admit both licensed Doctors of Chiropractic and Doctors of Veterinary Medicine.
  • The basic animal chiropractic curriculum certificate program graduates must be prepared to obtain consent, evaluate, provide a report of findings, arrive at and communicate a clinical assessment, and treat neuromusculoskeletal and biomechanical conditions of animal patients. All graduates must be competent in the common activities as described by the Professional Practice Analysis of the AVCA and must be able to demonstrate diversified chiropractic adjustments with intent to move joints of the animal’s spine beyond the usual physiological range of motion using a fast, low amplitude thrust.
  • AVCA basic program provider approval is granted for a 2 year period.

AVCA Approved Basic Animal Chiropractic Program Providers

Please contact the programs directly for their course information, schedule and fees. Graduates of the following programs are eligible to sit the ACCC/AVCA certification examination.

Doctors currently enrolled in approved programs are eligible for a complimentary AVCA membership. Go to the Forms page to find the link for complimentary program enrollee membership under the Membership heading or contact the office at 918-784-2231.

Basic Animal Chiropractic Program Provider Forms, application on Forms page or contact the AVCA office.